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Posted by Glaucus at Dec 2, 2006 1:46:26 AM
[Entry Thread] December Daily Doodles : Weekend of December 2nd : Fire up your ToastARR
Good morning campers! It's the weekend, which means it's prime time for me to stage a hostile takeover guest-host the first weekend Daily Doodle of 2006. You've got until midnight (pirate time) Sunday for this doodle. General rules will apply.

Many times this year, I've read the forums and found myself wondering what exactly some of you have eaten for breakfast that's inspired you to post what you did. Personally, I enjoy warm, crunchy toast. And I know I'm not the only one who likes toast. Some people love toast so much they claim to see things in their toast. And they then sell these pieces of toast on eBay for ridiculous amounts of money to another toast lover. See where I'm going with this?

I'd like to know what piratey visions you guys see in your toast. So that's your challenge for the weekend. Make toast. But not just any toast. I know, you're thinking that 2 days isn't enough time. These mysterious toast images don't just appear to anyone, and there's no guarantee that they'll happen this weekend. So you have my permission to "encourage" these images to come out, in fact, that's exactly what I'd like you to do. You should start with one piece of bread, and create your masterpiece either pre or post-toasting and then take a picture of it and post it (or a link) here in this thread along with your pirate name and ocean. One slice per pirate, please.

How can you create a piratey toast masterpiece? Here is a handy guide to a method involving butter. You could build a Zuse. You could also try imprinting or stamping something into your bread before toasting, like this device. Or you could use food coloring, strategically scrape off burnt parts, or whatever else works for you. Surprise me. It would be nice if the toast is still edible, but it's not mandatory.

If you do not have a toaster, or if your toaster is off-limits, you may make digital toast with a program of your choice (artRage, Paint, etc.), somehow create a picture on it, and post that as your entry. It's up to you how you create this. I will tell you that digital toast will need to be sufficiently compelling in order to stand toe to toe with the real stuff.

An explanatory note: The linked references are not meant to offend or be blasphemous in any way. These just happened to be the best examples.

A cautionary note: Do be careful, and do not do anything that could cause harm or burnination to yourself or others. Do not put anything in your toaster that does not belong there. Fire bad.
Crotchetiness by Dexla.

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