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Posted by akebia at Aug 1, 2003 4:23:12 AM
Re: Tournaments
I fondly remember the Tournament Green on pre-scroll-y Alpha Island. Perhaps realty offices would let pirates build a new tournament green (or an arena, or a clubhouse, or a tent, or something) with some nifty features for running a tournament.

One of the great thing about the tournaments is that they aren't all about swordfighting. (Why, I won my monkey in a contest that didn't actually take place using the Java client!) I feel sort of lame suggesting all these features that are so heavily biased towards swordfighting, but here goes:

First pass: (Inn : Drinking :: Arena : Swordfighting)

Victories and losses are announced throughout the building.

So that duellers can have fair fights, the manager will provide a bucket of loaner swords. The swords would be restricted to the arena, just as in the clothing shoppe.

The arena will have stations for setting up three-on-three team fights, like the favorites of skelly hunting and sea battling.

Second pass: (automatic tournaments)

Add a ladder or leaderboard, ranking every fighter who fights in the building. It would be based fights in this building only, not the standard ocean-wide rating scheme. There might even be different rules for moving up and down on this list. The manager can reset this board at will to prepare for new tournaments.

Add a tournament tree. Managers can set options like "double-elimination" or "best-of-n fights per match". The tree is seeded... somehow. Pirates can challenge each other to fight, as usual, but their fights can be counted towards an open match on the tree. Brackets and advancements would be handled automatically. Managers could declare forfeits.

Why would it be built? (Hey, what's an Innkeeper do now, anyway?)

Managers should have some recurring costs or obligations for owning this building. So: Tournament prizes should be funded by the manager. The manager should keep the sword bucket fresh. Perhaps everyone in the building will slowly consume rum, or perhaps the NPP referees will draw a salary.

Managers should be able to collect money for owning this building. They could have standard membership fees, applied to folks who want to try out a new sword or set up a three-on-three battle. They could charge tournament entry fees.

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