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Posted by shadow1208 at Nov 30, 2006 2:10:43 PM
Tinga Hoilday Event Week
Come join us party the hoildays on Tinga!!!!!!!

Tinga Hoilday Bash Hosted By DeathDrakkerWhere: Midnight Ocean --Tinga Isle
When: December 1st-9th 2006

Planner/contact persons: Headcounter/Dawnd

Time Span: Start Time Noon PST on December 1st till
Noon December 9th

Breif Summary of events: 2 man sloops race, war brig 12 hour pilly, rumble/ sword fighting /drinking /treasure drop tourneys, fashion show/find our grinch/word scramble treasure hunt/find the locations.

Time for juding: for fashion shows it will depend on how many enter,,,,,,2 hours alotted/ find our grinch will be in several 2 hour slots for the term of the week/word scramble and find the locations will last for entire week and all entrys that are correct will be put in a drawing at end of the week.

Find our crews grinch and....if its him he has to give you a choice of a present or some Poe that he has on him, but you have to be next to him or her to do it. NO TELLS!!!!!!!!!!!!.
This grinch hates Christmas and everyone that is merry beware !!!!!!
He or she can be anywhere on midnight so keep your eyes peeled for him.
One present or gift of Poe per Grinch. There are 3.
This is to be a ongoing event all week.
GOOD LUCK MATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fashion Show
This will be judged for most colorful, most elegant, poorest dressed, most original.
It will be held at the palace on Tinga on Saturday Dec. 3rd 2006 at 3PM PST
Sloop Race

This will be a 2 person race on a sloop. Ye will not be allowed to have any more than ye and one other person other than bots on the ship at any time ( judges can pop on to check any time).

The route to be done is from Tinga to Spring then to Emperor and back to Tinga.
At each isle ye will let a judge know where ye are at and they will whisk on board to check..
First sloop that makes it back to Tinga is the winner.

Date: Sunday December 4Th 2006
Time: 1PM PST
Contact Headcounter to register and be jobbed into the crew.

This is to kick off the other events
To be started at the Palace
Two events of this and they will be ran 1 hour each.
( I suggest that one be at the beginning of the games and one to finish up the games.)

At the end of the hour you must be back at the place where you started and the person with the most items on the list will win. If the person has all the items they will win a prize.
If there is a tie they will go into a death match in Swordfighting

There will be only one winner from each event.

You can not buy these things from a stall or a mate you must either find them or trade for them. You can not go to a inn and ask to buy the items.

Items to find:
1 green male sleeping hat
1bid ticket for sugar ( filled or UN filled)
1 red female scarf ( any color)
Find a name of a ship that has to do with Christmas and what island it is on

First Mate/ Princess of DeathDrakker and CNV
Headcounter on Midnight
Princess of Burning Vengance

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