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Posted by CashCarStar at Nov 27, 2006 10:09:36 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
Some of these might seem a bit extreme, or just plain wonky but I'm looking for medium-length accomplishments that are distinct, but not common feats.

Sober Warrior: Win five consecutive battles on a ship with no rum
Sailor's Heart: Pillage with twenty straight battles
Life of the Party: Held a party which was attended by 25 pirates through the Host a Party interface
Fish Feeder: Destroy 100 of a single type of fruit at one time by throwing it overboard
Flurry of Blades: Drop six swords at once on another player in a PVP swordfight
Hand Craftsman: Build a sloop (or larger ship) from start to finish with only one character's puzzled labor (no employment)
Librarian: Have every map for an ocean in your booty at once
Stinky Drawers: Fill a bludgeon trunk completely with fish
Festrunk - Viridian

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