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Posted by heavenseyes at Nov 22, 2006 9:49:07 PM
Re: The Alternative Trophy Design Competition - Entry Thread
I was really sad when I saw the post for the most injuries trophy............... so If this one isn't allowed.. so be it.. but it is nothing like the other one.

Pirate Name: Flameangel
Trophy Name: Most Injuries

For the happily injured pirates of the sea.
( I realize it's kinda hard to see.. but there is a hook there.. on his wrist.. here is a link to a bigger version so It's easier to see: )

Trophy Name: Most Hearties

Ye be a popular pirate? Your heartie list filling up and you always have to get rid of people to make more room? Then this be the trophy for you. The Most Popular Pirate.

Trophy Name: The Largest Self-Portrait Collection

Ever have a pirate friend with a house full of portraits.. of themselves? Here is the trophy for them.

Edited: Nov. 23- 5:14pm.

Trophy Name: Best Sinker

Have you sunk more botes the you've bought? Are you the one that goes into blockades and joins wars just to sink a vessal? Love to shot up as many botes as possible before hitting the big blue? Then this is YOUR trophy.
More to come :D
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