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Posted by KingOfZeal at Nov 20, 2006 6:10:19 PM
Re: Officer Training Blockades
These blockades will begin on Wednesday, November 22, with a notification 2 hours prior. Current planned time is for 1-2pm PST. We are also planning on continuing these event blockades every week, with varying degrees of difficulty.
What a great idea. If it's feasible, it'd be great if you could vary the times on different weeks. I'm in PST and I work Wednesdays, which means early afternoon is kinda tough.

This is also in the works. Our flag has people from both the US and Europe: because of this, we are painfully aware of the time difference, and will change times around. Some of the smaller details (like the various difficulties I mentioned), time zones, etc, are still being worked out. But, do keep an eye out for the Winter Solstice event blockade every Wednesday. I (and hopefully most of the event commitee as well) should be online when the notification goes up, to answer any questions people may have about this.
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