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Posted by kth38 at Nov 20, 2006 1:00:10 PM
Re: Lost at Sea - Puzzles
Diary Entry 7 and 8 - Answers accepted until 27th November 2006

Freezing, I feel as cold as a snowman.
Returning home to the warmth does now look like a great thing to do.
Only, how do I explain my absense? I can't say I was buying them presents for the coming holiday!
No! I am going to return home!
Days are growing shorter, christmas is approaching, so I must hurry!


I was home at last. I opened my door, to find a note written by Chaosdragon. It read:
I have given up on looking for you. I only hope you have returned. I am away right now, trying to let you know how bad it was. I was close to you as you kept dropping your diary entries. But I havent found one for two weeks. I can only hope you are alright. I am truly sorry for knocking you off the boat, and want you to know that I dearly missed you on your time away. If you want to find me, I will be where only part of the eye can see me. If not, I shall never return.

Please answer both in the same email, naming them (1) and (2).
Good Luck All!
- Kayh, of the Midnight Ocean
- Kaiian, of the Sage Ocean

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