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Posted by Seishino at Nov 20, 2006 1:59:46 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
Aesthetically, I'm in the camp of people-who-think-trophies-should-be-tough-to-obtain, but not the grind level of obtaining. A weekend should be enough time to obtain certain trophies, while others (like the ults) should be super difficult.

While not terribly difficult, 100 crabs actually takes some time to acquire. That seems like a reasonable low-end. I'd remove the "click the guy at the inn repeatedly" trophy, simply because it requires no real skill. I'd also push for more color separation between approximate difficulty levels... easy trophies in silver, tougher trophies in gold with a little color, impossible trophies in lots of colors.

More trophy ideas:

Landowner: own a house / cottage / etc on every island that one can
Bourgeois: own more than 10 businesses for more than 6 months
Moneybags: have more than 10 milllion poe at one time.
Super Fabulous: total wardrobe value above 1 million poe.
Nice Folk: rare trophy given out manually by the ringers to good pirates.
Master of Ceremonies: put up more than 1,000,000 POE in tournaments overall.
TD Ringer: Get more than 150 points with a single drop in Treasure Drop.
Sword Ringer: drop more than 50 blocks on your opponent with a single move.
Hearts Ringer: Shoot the sun (take all hands)
Rumble Ringer: drop more than 100 balls on your opponent with a single move
Hearts / TD / PD / etc veteran: play more than 1,000 matches, win or lose.
Legend: Win a legendary tournament, which would be a once-a-year series of tournaments, like the olympics, for Puzzle Pirates.
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