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Posted by Candiice at Nov 18, 2006 7:49:25 PM
Re: [All Oceans] Selling Non animated avatars!!! For only 1k!!!
check these avatars out..first 5 free
I broke the link on purpose - Shorty


Posting links to your thread in other people's avatar threads is a bad thing to do. It is very rude. DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR AVATAR THREAD ON SOMEONE ELSE'S AVATAR THREAD. We don't like people that do that. We also aren't kind to people that don't take the time to spell their posts correctly.

I suggest you read the rules and guidelines of the forums before posting anymore. We can be mean forumtarts.

I know this isn't a parley but I'd like to have a few moments of tarting about tarts.

"Like 5 people have told that same person to stop being a GREENIE to the forums and read the rules and actually LEARN something, and I'm not even going to mention the poor spelling because it's beyond my anger. IF NO ONE BUYS THE AVATARS, MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW A THING ABOUT SELLING AVATARS AND YOU ARE BEING A NOOB (someone who doesn't take time to learn something properly and ignores others) AND AN IGNORANT LITTLE GREENIE!"

Ok, I'm glad I got that out of my system. Even if the person probably wont' read this post.

pretending nothing happened ^^
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