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Posted by cpthook04 at Nov 18, 2006 9:15:31 AM
Re: The Alternative Trophy Design Competition - Entry Thread
Sorry for posting in the wrong forum/thread, reposting here.

Im not exactly a whiz in graphics, so my imagination is very limited by what i can do easily enough to have some meaning for others. So here goes a just few ideas.

Pirate Name: Genghizcohen

Crabbed Trophy

Bilging is risky business, specially when its full. You can end with the bilge full of crabs, and no moves to clear them.

Incredible Lucky

Carousing games dont have incredible trophies, but for poker definately this a very needed one.

Muted at skellies trophy

Skelly frays are a magnet for all kind of people, and muting is something very personal. If really a lot (50? 100?) of people muted you because shouting, cheering for skellies, spamming and other annoying behaviour, you definately deserves a trophy. This is my proposal.


This is the complement of the previous one, but his reach goes just beyond skelly frays. If you muted really a lot of people, so you really deserves this trophy. And if you see someone with it, dont ask how he got it, you could end muted too.

No trophy trophy

Some trophies are hard to be got. Other are easy, too much easy. But still, there are people that have the talent of not being able to get any trophy... Dont they deserve a prize then?

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