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Posted by Candiice at Nov 17, 2006 6:13:42 AM
Re: selling avators first 20 free
do u want 1

First, could you read this for me? Of course, I assume you know how to read. :D

Second, don't post multiple threads.

Third, I suggest that if you want to sell avatars you stop using numbers in your sentences like l3tt3rs b3c@use 1t dr1ves people like me insane. That's just me though. ^^;

Fourth, there's a button at the top of your post. It's beside the post topic title. The button is on the left, and it says: "Edit". That's what you do when you want to edit your post and NOT just post right after your post. Don't post: "yea i no blah blah blah" and after that post: "do u want 1" That's just silly. This isn't a chat room. If you want to say something, edit a million times if you have to say it but SAY IT until someone posts after your original post. Oh and don't ask if someone wants an avatar because they'll say so if they want one. -_-

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