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Posted by Gotagota at Jul 31, 2003 8:01:21 AM
Re: Close with Enemy Ship Button Needed (Sea Combat)
Either garf is getting saner or I'm getting wierder, because again I agree with him. Not only is the opt-in a fabulous idea (that I'd probably never use <grin>) but also keeping the status secret.

I am certain if you want your opponent to opt-in, you'll just /tell them.

The recent changes to /who do make this more difficult, aye. But does the person controlling the sea battle puzzle count as the navigator for /who purposes?

Caveat: I love the sea battle puzzle; it reminds me of the airship battles in Skies of Arcadia. I can't exactly explain why, though...anyway, you'll never see me skip of the best part of the battle!
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