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Posted by Lanya at Nov 15, 2006 4:44:43 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
Actually, my point was, if they take the time to read the help, clearing something every two moves, even during their learn how to bilge mission, can get the crabs unlocked. I took an alt, did the learn to bilge mission, clearing only 3's and 3X3's using one or two moves like the help file tells you to do, and before we ported I had the crabs unlocked. Then I made a simple little mouse script that went through and randomly swapped pieces. Poor scoring, constantly getting the "Learning" rating on status reports, but lone and behond it released enough crabs after an hour to get the silver trophy.

So if your puzzlers can't bilge well enough to get the crabs unlocked, it tells me they never read the helps files, and don't know to clear something every two moves or less, regardless what that clear is. Middle range goals are fine too, but these things aren't middle ranged.
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