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Posted by c_squared01 at Nov 15, 2006 2:27:59 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
Back to my main point though, is that trophies should be about pirate longevity. Even a pirate that plays only on the weekends, maybe it should take them a month or two in order to be able to earn a trophy. Not an hour with the navy with their 2 year old kid sister banging on the mouse while the bilge screen is open.

Again, I have to repeat that apparently, everyone you know are good puzzlers. There are people who will likely never get the crab trophies. And there are people who will toil away to get them, just as I will toil away to get Ultimate Navigation.

As long as a trophy is not easily awarded to everyone, I think it's a great trophy. Apparently you think that a 2 year old can bang repeatedly on the mouse and accumulate the standing to clear 1000 crabs, but that's just not true.

I would vote yes on more trophies that are achievable by and exciting for the middle ranks, despite the fact that some high-end puzzlers will chuckle amusedly at them being displayed on a pirate page.

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