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Posted by DreadedChris at Nov 14, 2006 10:47:50 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
'Obsessive collector' is impossible on some oceans, unless something changes to allow Ultimate to be a possible rank in Distilling and Battle Navigation.

Crab trophies and such, meh. Well, ok, they go well with my other bilge trophies, I guess. I don't mind trophies that are given out just for puzzling time or whatever, but I am concerned that we not introduce any trophies that are going to cause people to play badly.

Plank trophy should only be implemented if it also is forced to always be displayed on your pirate page, then it serves as a warning, heh. (That's a joke, and 'no, please, do not encourage idiots to jump on my ship and scream 'plank me!' ... it happens enough anyway.)


On a less sarcastic note, how about a trophy for having completed all of the missions? More than likely mentioned somewhere in the past 100 pages?

It was mentioned awhile back, it hasn't been implemented that I'm aware of, and it there should be at least three of them - one for all the basic navy missions (maybe also require learning to swordfight and rumble in that), one for -all- the navy missions, and one for all the missions, period.

What I really want is a trophy that encourages new players to want to take all their navy missions right away, so I want spending poe missions and locked missions not involved in that.
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