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Posted by Lanya at Nov 14, 2006 3:40:31 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
I'm not talking about keeping it high end. But rather, something more than a couple days of work. As it is, the oceans are tiny. Within my first month I had been to all of the islands. You can sail around the whole ocean in 3 hours provided you have the charts.

I have never been fond of pity prizes, or catering to the ignorant. Taking bilge for example, if you read the little on ship help that is provided by clicking the "How to play bilge" it says "You are best off making only one or two swaps per clear" and by just following that rule of thumb, you an get a excellent on every league with the navy.

Oh, you're actually supposed to read how to do something? Since when? I guess I'm from a different generation of player. When I first started playing online games, you spent a good couple of days reading about all of the features, and how they worked, and how you can benefit by using them a certain way. Now adays, it just, try it, if you're good at it, cool, if not, oh well.

Back to my main point though, is that trophies should be about pirate longevity. Even a pirate that plays only on the weekends, maybe it should take them a month or two in order to be able to earn a trophy. Not an hour with the navy with their 2 year old kid sister banging on the mouse while the bilge screen is open.
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