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Posted by c_squared01 at Nov 14, 2006 12:16:34 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
Most if not all (with the exceptions of the ults) of the trophies can be gained in two or three days of playing.

I think there are just several tiers of trophies, which you might not be realizing. I am very picky in recruiting for my crew, but not picky on puzzle quality at all. Therefore, I have several people who are not good enough at bilging to even see the crabs, at least unless they are trying particularly hard. Clearing 500 crabs doubtless looks like a monumental achievement for them, and 5000 looks entirely ridiculous. Although, it's not entirely unfathomable like the Ultimate trophy.

The nice thing about these trophies is that they have several "tiers" --- the crab trophies, I think, are not designed for you or me, and if we got them, we would never display them since they are not something we are proud of. They give someone who is not a top-notch bilger a chance at trying for something difficult and shiny to put on their pirate page.

If all the trophies were targetted at the "top puzzlers" (who already have familiars and trinkets to try for, and now even #1 and ultimate trophies), then they wouldn't really be that much "new content." The lower-to-mid-quality puzzlers are almost certainly universally happy with them.

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