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Posted by Lanya at Nov 14, 2006 11:32:53 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
Just some notes regarding trophies. I was a bit disappointed how short sighted a lot of the trophies are. Most if not all (with the exceptions of the ults) of the trophies can be gained in two or three days of playing. As mentioned by some others, things like making it so the bilging crabs could easilly be changed to silver crab being 500 sets of 2X Crabs released, then gold being 3X, and bejwelled being 5X. This making it more likely the trophies would take longer to obtain, so maybe a pirates life span for getting most trophies isn't a week or two.

Also, making it so the navy doesn't count towards any trophies. Making people pillage and and actually impact the ocean wouldn't really be a bad thing. It might be somewhat aggravating at first for those trying to run a ship, with people begging for certain stations, but after the trophy hype dies down, it will balance out.

Loading 1000 guns is just time consuming, but anyone can do it, eventually. How about 1000 execellents or incredibles, instead of just cannons loaded? With navy null'd, means more than just wasting a whole lot of cannon balls, or actually pillaging and blockading for those rewards, but doing good at the puzzle during those events.

I'm getting the feeling this was tossed in as a temp fix for keeping the higher end players busy for a bit, but really, it doesn't help to expand on the game or the value. In another week or two I should have most of the trophies, and then I'm back to being bored again.
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