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Posted by DylanNichols at Nov 10, 2006 5:41:26 PM
One Pirate Crew Event!!!!!!!!!
Who: You and a sloop

When:December 1st to 31st

What:The One Pirate Crew Event. You start a crew with only a sloop (place any other ships on an alt for the duration of the event) And see how far you can get on your own in 30 days!

1st place:Familiar (hopefully) and a fancy ribbon.
2nd place:Rename Sloop and a fancy ribbon
3rd place:A fancy ribbon

How:You register on the registration page (yet to be opened) and wait for me to contact you. If I tell you you're in then on December 1st you create your crew and invite my alt to join. I hope to enter up to 10 crews. The alt will be used to make sure you don't cheat and to easily judge the comp.

Judging:Every 3 days I will record your PvP and Crew rankings and hand out points accordingly. The points will be like this:

Crew Ranking:

PvP ranking:
Mostly Harmless:2p
Scurvy Dogs:4p
Dread Pirates:10p
Sea Lord/Imperial:15p

The captains of the crews with the most points will recieve the prizes listed above.

Post any questions here.

I will create the registration thread once I have confirmation from the OMs on prizes. If that takes longer than expected the event will be postponed.

Fair winds!
Ashmaker of Viridian Ocean
Senior Officer Of Dark Peril
Prince of Go Plank Yerself

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