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Posted by Apollo at Nov 10, 2006 3:31:47 PM
Carpentry bake-off - Win a Parrot!

Saturday, November 11, 2006. 7:00am, PST
Hosted by: Sun
Participation: up to 155


This event will not be broadcast (unless there aren't many people and I feel sad). At approximately 7:00am, an oceanwide event will be put on the noticeboard for the bake-off. Click on the event to be whisked to the event ship, the Competitive Carp.

Note that you will not be jobbed into the event crew, so if you leave the ship, you may not be able to board again. The ship will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. No exceptions will be made if you lose your spot. If the event is no longer on the noticeboard, then jobbing has closed. If the event is still on the board but there is no room on the ship, then I'm sorry, but others got there before you.

The ship will have carpentry stations for everyone. Check downstairs, and all the cabins. You may need to search around to find a free one. Once you have a station, please wait patiently on it.

Try to stay quiet while you wait, and be patient while others board. Listen for instructions from Sun so that the event can run smoothly. Throughout the event, excessive chatter could be rewarded with a plank!

Note that a carpentry bake-off is being run on all oceans simultaneously.

Preliminary Round
*The target start-time is 7:30 am PST. It could start slightly earlier if everyone is ready, or slightly later if there are delays loading stations.
*There will be one preliminary round that will last for twenty sea battle turns. Announcements will be made at 10 turns to go, 5 turns to go, and last turn.
*The duty report at the island will determine the placement of players. The top sixteen players will advance to the semi-finals.

*Once the duty report has been noted and the semi-finalists announced, all players (including semi-finalists) will be asked to vacate their stations. Failure to do so when requested could result in disqualification.
*The semi-final round will last for twenty five sea battle turns. Announcements will be made at 10 turns to go, 5 turns to go, and last turn.
*The top three on the duty report at the island will proceed to the final round.
*Participants who do not get through to the semi-final are welcome to stay on board, as long as they do not play the carpentry puzzle at any point, or chat during the contest.

*The top three from the semi-final duty report will be jobbed onto the Final Carpdown for the final round, which will last thirty sea battle turns.
*Announcements will be made at 15 turns to go, 5 turns to go, and last turn.

1st: a maroon/gold parrot and a bouquet of maroon orchids

2nd and 3rd win a bouquet of maroon orchids and their choice of:
* a war frigate, painted grey/grey, stocked with 150rum/450lcb, renamed the Incredible Carpenter (only one of these)
* a sleeping animal (piglet, pig, turtle, tortoise)
* or an item from the list below if they prefer

4th to 8th (choosing in order) win a maroon orchid and their choice of:
* A sloop renamed the [Adjective] Carp - must be an allowable adjective and no duplicates of existing ships allowed
* A bronze fish (rare furniture item)
* A stone figurine (rare furniture item)
* A bronze neckband (rare furniture item)
* A large pet (big cat or elephant, your choice as available from the palace shoppe)

9th to 16th:
A maroon orchid

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