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Posted by Nemo at Jul 31, 2003 2:18:53 AM
Re: Close with Enemy Ship Button Needed (Sea Combat)
Rengor wrote: 

- I dont like the situations where two ships facing each other on adjacent squares both move at the same time switching squares and going right thru each other. Instead there should be rock damage to both ships and they should come to a halt and start melee. Same with diagonal switches. That would take a couple of frustrating situations mentioned away too.

Absolutely. I am putting it on The List, and if a programmer tells me otherwise I will scuttle him! Then, of course, I'd pass right through him because we'd be moving into each other's spaces and then I'd have to swing around, but so would he and we'd magically phase through again, [size=11]and then I'd get frustrated and sit there [size=10]and so would he, so nothing would happen [size=9]and then we'd simultaneously pass again and [size=8]fire our cannonballs [size=7]just behind one another...

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