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Posted by garf at Jul 30, 2003 10:33:29 PM
Re: Close with Enemy Ship Button Needed (Sea Combat)
harr, frizzled, did i?

then tell me how to escape in that situation after i fire. if i move after standing the first two turns (we all know that brigands and even more so, player vessels, are quite unlikely to move on their first turn in that situation), the enemy would add a right turn after his left turn and be right next to me regardless of how i moved. that leaves exactly one turn to get away - otherwise, i will be on an adjacent square at the start of the next round and therefore be boarded. a 50-50 chance at best. thats not including any obstacles.

that said, if an option (more likely a grappling hook to be loaded in cannons and fired like them, me thinks) like you described were to get into the game, i could possibly live with it if a lot of risk was added. an obvious thing would be to not only lose all yer moves fer that round, but also all yer tokens (and dont generate any during that round).

what cannon post are ye talking about? the only posting i did in that thread replied to cleaver, not to you. quite obviously, i might add.
- Randal

[size=9]also Garf, Silvain and a few others

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