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Posted by Fava at Oct 30, 2006 10:42:06 PM
Re: Trinket suggestions thread
There was some discussion of making prize trinkets purchaseable in a thread in Midnight Parley.

Instead of making existing prize trinkets purchaseable (which would reduce both the sentimental and poe value of such trinkets), we need new purchaseable trinkets for the beginning event-runner to give out.

I suggest medals, in gold, silver, bronze, and pewter. They should be inscribeable like ribbons and purchaseable for about 5-10K poe each (all colors the same price).

In the interest of more event prizes, I would say no doub charge, but I also want these trinkets to be somewhat special and not just something every pirate gets because it looks cooler than a notecard, so a 5 doub charge may be warranted, but nothing too prohibitive for a mid-level pirate who wants to run an event.

These trinkets would be great for events deemed by the OMs to not quite be worthy of the unpurchaseable trinkets. Beginning event-runners who lack experience and need to earn the OM stamp of approval could use these as the prizes for their first events. Experienced eventers with approved ideas should still be able to give out the OM-only trinkets, because great prizes should be available for great events, and event runners shouldn't go broke in the process.

I can see these medals given out by royalty and captains to crewmates for exceptional service (blockade service, training new pirates). I can also see medals given out for fun little "achievements" like the best chat booch.
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