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Posted by Mr_Monkey_12 at Oct 30, 2006 8:30:03 PM
Re: Wake up navvers. Here's a bounty for you.
As i said to several people, if i were to give in to Tristan with a wager i'd then have at least a half dozen people whining.

There is a difference between a bounty and a wager. Don't try and piss on me because half this ocean is boldly instinctive. I hold to my word, and my word is to never wager.

Judging by the fact oldmanpaul had to create a new account with no indication of who he is to call me a woman, he'd probably be one of the whiny bitches who is just waiting to call me on something like wagering Tristan or anybody for that matter.

I sunk him in the blockade yesterday, and i'm somewhat certain he sunk me at some point as well. Nobody bragged about it, so stop trying to use comedic references as a blatant attempt to win over respect. It makes both of you look like a douche bag.

The rules are no:
- Personal attacks--anything intended to insult or belittle the person behind the noseless pirate
- Foul and offensive language

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Sorry if my spelling/grammar is bad/incorrect English isn't my first language.

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