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Posted by Cephalopod at Oct 27, 2006 9:44:10 AM
Re: New Release - Halloween 2006
A Halloween catastrophe!
Our pirates are trapped on the Cursed Sea!

Sail the blood red seas and pillage your way to freedom!

Battle zombie brigands! Fight the fearsome skeletal horde!

As crews pilllage pieces of eight from the hordes, their team's standing will improve.

Points go to the crew running the pillage, so make sure to watch the notice boards and job with crews on the same team as ye!

(For those who wish to opt out of the red seas and ghost pirates, check yer options page under Ye -> Options -> General -> Enable special event effects, and turn that off. The oceans will return to normal, and yer pirate will be human once more. Turning effects off will have no effect on whether ye've participated in the competition or whether ye get a trinket)

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