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Posted by jaym2k5 at Oct 25, 2006 3:30:17 AM
Re: Poem for the Rock
so thanks for the compliment by the way

Indeed, they are definitely worth of the compliment. it takes a lot of effort to keep retarded kids entertained with fake stunts on TV.

you see mate your wrong.... they interviewed the rock and he told us that the main events are not fake sure he got into alot of trouble for it but its true....

So there you have it end of story lets all be friends again?? Cause this is really getting boring and childish

Vince likes... cock?

That shirt is so old. Get with the program.

If I knew how to insert an Image without breaking my computer, I would.
/me slaps Computer

Well, I see it didn't work... SOMEONE tell me how, please!
Jamezrob. - Banned.

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