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Posted by Frizzled at Jul 30, 2003 8:02:57 AM
Re: Close with Enemy Ship Button Needed (Sea Combat)
the piece as described above by frizzled would most certainly take out a lot of tactics

I think you're a little confused on how it would work. It would only be viable if a ship moved within one square of you. Otherwise, using this option would mean your ship would just sit dead in the water for that turn, waiting for the enemy.

Personally, I think this would add to tactics, rather than taking away from them - because if this option was miss-used, your ship would be dead in the water, while you opponent gets 4 moves + cannons on you.

I'm just looking for an option that will allow ships to close easier. If a ship comes within one square of you, brig or Pvp, there should be some automatic option that allows you to ram them. If you want more cannon-play, stay out of that 1-square range that will let them close with you.


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