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Posted by Frizzled at Jul 30, 2003 5:56:17 AM
Close with Enemy Ship Button Needed (Sea Combat)
Right now sea combat is a huge guessing game, especially against brigs. Some fights can take as long as 5 minutes, just trying to get your ship to ram the NPP's, with both of you endlessly circling each-other.

It's silly when you're one move away from the brig and you have to think, "Ok, left or straight ... Nuts! He went straight." ... Repeat ad-nausium.

Can some-kind of "close with enemy" option be added? This would forfeit all your moves for the turn, but if the enemy sailed so you could get to them with one move, your ship would automatically use the proper piece and ram them. (Like an overwatch option).

It would really take the frustration out of current sea battles without removing the tactical aspects.


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