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Posted by r_nevermind at Oct 18, 2006 8:03:37 AM
Re: Poem for the Rock
First of all, do you know what a "Groupie" is? I mean it in the most literal sense, an obsessed fan. Obsessed people DO stalk those they obsess over and they DO write fanfiction.

See, what I don't get is why are you supporting a flag that would most likely never, ever let you join. Maybe it's just because I really only know the Phantoms, but Vanguard has always struck me as quite elite. And, well, you're not. It's not a crime being average, but really, you'd have a better chance with RM or P4P.

Also, people who don't care how they present themselves online annoy me. For instance, people who don't care to spell properly, write in complete sentences, or use punctuation correctly annoy me. And, you should be embarassed by it, especially if English is your first language. If you don't care enough about your message to even bother using proper grammar, then why shoud any of us care to read it or take you seriously? The Rock can write, you know.

Well, there are two definitions of a groupie, the hood definition and your defintion. Anyway, your problem is you care too much what people think about you.. Spelling? Dude have you nothing better to do than criticize me??? Does it give you that small sense of pride you wish you had?? Psh spelling what a nerd, SPELLING I'm sitting here laughing in my chair.. Just the though of it. Or maybe you're not privileged enough to have a cell phone or you're a teacher, dude stop hating.. End of disussion; this is a poetry thread isn't it?

I just have to respond to this one. Spelling isn't for nerds, it's for real, human, adults. Anyone who wants to get a job had better use proper spelling (and grammar, and punctuation) on applications and resum├ęs. I do have a dell phone, and I'm not a teacher...but I still want to go through and correct your posts. Your posts have to be the most annoying things I've ever read on the forums, and that's saying a LOT. Come to think of it...FIXED.

Ok what ever lets all stop going on about my 'poor spelling'

P.S whats a dell phone? xD
Let stop going on about my spelling and i'll try to not annoy you adults/nerds etc deal? good
Oh yes and whats that guys name... um i was in vangaurd at one stage until captin yansa left Death Traders so IN YOUR FACE < I DONT CARE HOW IMMATURE THAT WAS!

There, I fixed my one spelling mistake. Feel better?
~Mergen - Captain- Ira Deorum; Queen- Regnum Irae

Cheers to Nordenx (and Framling!) for the avatar!

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