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Posted by Benzene265 at Oct 17, 2006 5:13:23 PM
Re: Poem for the Rock
You are a groupie! You love The Rock and Vanguard. You wouldn't quote one to support the other if you weren't. Oh what fanfiction that would make...

Dude....... i got nuthin to say to u and yes i do support vangaurd... i dont need to be in it to support it... and i support real madrid yet you dont see me playin out there on the field and yes i do like the rock hes the most electryfiying man in all of sports entertainment today so its not a groupie if you get what im sayin... and what you got against me anyway what did i do to you?

First of all, do you know what a "Groupie" is? I mean it in the most literal sense, an obsessed fan. Obsessed people DO stalk those they obsess over and they DO write fanfiction.

See, what I don't get is why are you supporting a flag that would most likely never, ever let you join. Maybe it's just because I really only know the Phantoms, but Vanguard has always struck me as quite elite. And, well, you're not. It's not a crime being average, but really, you'd have a better chance with RM or P4P.

Also, people who don't care how they present themselves online annoy me. For instance, people who don't care to spell properly, write in complete sentences, or use punctuation correctly annoy me. And, you should be embarassed by it, especially if English is your first language. If you don't care enough about your message to even bother using proper grammar, then why shoud any of us care to read it or take you seriously? The Rock can write, you know.
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