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Posted by Jethro at Jul 30, 2003 4:43:31 AM
Re: Shop keeping troubles
I was looking to see about bringing some white cloth from Guava to Alpha. Buying white cloth in Guava costs 321 per lot of 10. The tailor on Turtle is buying for 30 per unit, which means I'd lose 21 poe even if I had a magic transporter that didn't use rum. Part of the reason I was looking on Guava was because I had been unable to find any white cloth in the diamond archipelago. At any rate, I found some white cloth at a reasonable price, but my point still stands for blue cloth, which goes for 1400+ per lot, but the tailor wanted it for 800.

Until the economy problems get sorted out, the producers of finished goods need to make their prices realistic. I understand you don't want to gouge people, but you need to make it worth people's while to be a part of your supply chain. Otherwise you won't have to worry about price gouging because there won't be anything for people to buy.

EDIT: I know what shoppe I'm buying at, really.
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