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Posted by homullus at Jul 30, 2003 12:31:08 AM
Re: Shop keeping troubles
I think clothing would be the only thing at risk for the zero deamnd bottleneck, and once they introduce wear (which they have mentioned already) there will be steady demand with even a static population.

I'll have to go with Hanzii on this one . . . solo trade should certainly be possible, but less profitable than crew trading, if for no other reason than boat size and the crew needed to run it.

In terms of loyalty to crews . . . ye have to leave when the crew isn't right for you. We've hooked in a fair number of people who are in it for themselves, and then find they enjoy sailing with us enough to make forming their own crew with that character unattractive. They don't bleed Mutineer green, but neither are they as set on all-or-nothing individuality. Many of us have alternative characters that we use for secondary interests, as Hanzii does.

Hanzii, we raised the buy for hemp, has that helped at all?

For the rest, let's just see what they have in store with the next update.

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