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Posted by Urganite at Jul 29, 2003 9:14:20 PM
Re: Shop keeping troubles
well, I'll agree with your last point, I like the social aspects but I wish there were more crew administration features, and I also wish there was a commadore rank so that large crews can have multiple captains and captains can retain control of their vessels instead of just "oh, I'll use this one and you use that one"

as for small crews, I'm not necessarily against small crews, independents keep things interesting, but I'm worried when pieces of cloth are more expensive than an entire ship and a perpetual supply of free crew members for it. I think competition is pretty stiff as it is, I don't really think that the game needs about 1 in 5 players to go out and buy a ship and never hire any jobbers for it, it makes the game stale. I had a rough enough time joining any crew just for a one or two trip pillaging run, there needs to be more work for jobbers cause navy ships are boring, boring places if you ask me.

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