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Posted by Hanzii at Jul 29, 2003 8:40:48 PM
Re: Shop keeping troubles
Urganite wrote: 
edit: the reason I'm against solo trading or solo sailing period is because it really detracts from the multiplayer element, if I went solo all the time, I may as well be playing uncharted waters on my snes, the economic system for that game is vastly superior to the one in this game, and I've already sort of gotten bored of doing the puzzles, they're all pretty easy, I'm in it for the economy and politics.

Yes. But that doesn't mean everybody has to be.
A lot of players don't aspire to anything more than being officer in a good crew (and some not even that). Having access to ships and all puzzles and hanging out with their new ingame friends.

Others want to start their one-sloop crew after a week - why shouldn't they?
It's not like Blindpews two-sloop two-member crew is competing with the Mad Mutineers - who have numerous sloops and everything else up to a Merchant galleon - for new members.

Playing solo should be an option - but playing with real people should be more profitable in the long run.

I'm in a huge crew for the socializing aspects of the game (just like you, politics and economy keeps me here, not the puzzles). I also run my own trading crew, because trading in a huge crew is too much hassle. If the game gives me some of the tools suggested elsewhere (the ability to lock ships , etc.) I might just be in the one crew.
Hanzii - shipbuilder (retired), Turtle

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