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Posted by Urganite at Jul 29, 2003 8:05:50 PM
Re: Shop keeping troubles
I solo trade all the time :p but that's beside the point, I would hire jobbers but my crew doesn't allow it, and really, doing that puts me at a disadvantage since most other traders don't do it. I personally think that npp's should be removed from the game, swabbies first, then start phasing out the npp ships (except the navy ships and the skeleton ship of course :p mostly just the small sloop npp ships, maybe phase out more of the larger ships if the game population really does get that big). The game population is more than large enough to crew a ship with 3 jobbers and an officer in like a minutes or less.

As for larger ships, I think that they have fair prices, I'm talking about the smaller ships, like I've only been playing the game for like 6 days or so, and I already have about enough for a large sloop, and I only play a couple hours a day. That could be because I joined a trading crew and keep alot of the money for myself, but really, people join this game with the idea that they will get their own ship and be the captain, alot of these people join a crew and like where they are so they stop, but if I can afford my own ship in like 5 or 6 days, what kind of sense of loyalty do I feel for my crew? I personally will not quit my crew but I'm thinking that alot of people would, that's just my take on it. And if everyone is a captain, why bother even having crews? in my opinion, ships, like they are and were in real life, need to be the most expensive item any sea rover could get, and it should take weeks or maybe even a month or two from the time you commission it to the time it's finished just to keep people from having the "I'm gonna be a captain!" mentality.

edit: the reason I'm against solo trading or solo sailing period is because it really detracts from the multiplayer element, if I went solo all the time, I may as well be playing uncharted waters on my snes, the economic system for that game is vastly superior to the one in this game, and I've already sort of gotten bored of doing the puzzles, they're all pretty easy, I'm in it for the economy and politics.

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