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Posted by Hanzii at Jul 29, 2003 8:00:48 PM
Re: Shop keeping troubles
You're not 'just' a simple trader. Your experience is right on.

Urganite wrote: 

On a wholely seperate note, the game economy itself will eventually suffer from a bottle neck of zero demand at the point where new player levels drop off and as the monetary value of their pirates' possessions increase, since there won't be anything that they will want to buy. I don't know if this is intended to be addressed or not but I thought I'd say something now before it sneaks up on everyone like the y2k bug.

I think you're right.
If new players stop coming at a steady rate, the economy will become stale and only rum and cannonballs will be in demand.
But even a slow trickle of new players will result in demand for the high priced items, since some will probably want to try their hands at running their own crew, colonizing a far of island or running a shop.

But since the plan is to allow some sort of free trail, I think there will always be a bunch of newbies bying a foil here and a hat there.
Your prediction will only come true if/when no new players come to these shore at all - and even if that began to happen, I'm sure like in every other mmog, the Ringers would add new content, to give us oldies something to spend our poe on.


I also think that ships need to be alot more expensive than they are now, and possibly make it so ships can only be commissioned by flag royalty or by sanctioned crew captains and officers in a flag, so that the number of crews with only one person running their own ship by themselves to trade and keep all the profits to themselves won't be too high.

(Silverbeard is lying. His new Galleon was VERY CHEAP... but yeah, to all other players the price would be in the range of a cheap shop. Not cheap at all.)

But the Ringers have said, that the solo experience should also be fun - I'd hate pricing to make solo-trading impossible.
I believe solo-trading should be viable - but harder than doing it with players. Right now it's the other way around. You only need other players while you're saving up for that first ship... and if you're in a large crew not even that.

I'm more looking forward to see the economy and everything be tweaked so taking out the huge ships would be feasible.
If it wasn't for the Ringers handing out free rum for training purposes, I'm quite sure my shipyard would never sell anything bigger than sloops.
Hanzii - shipbuilder (retired), Turtle

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