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Posted by Rengor at Jul 29, 2003 6:31:18 PM
Re: Shop keeping troubles
I agree with ye on the trading experiences.

Urganite wrote: 
On a wholely seperate note, the game economy itself will eventually suffer from a bottle neck of zero demand at the point where new player levels drop off and as the monetary value of their pirates' possessions increase, since there won't be anything that they will want to buy.
That's not true. Rum and cannon balls will increase in demand as new players move from the larger training ships to player crews and forming their own crews and taking out ships on their own. Clothes will always be something people keep renewing even if you'd think they have what they need ;) Swords to a lesser degree are also renewed on and off.

Urganite wrote: 
I also think that ships need to be alot more expensive than they are now, and possibly make it so ships can only be commissioned by flag royalty or by sanctioned crew captains and officers in a flag, so that the number of crews with only one person running their own ship by themselves to trade and keep all the profits to themselves won't be too high.
I think ships have a fair price. The latest Galleon I bought is more expensive than some of the shops we built on Guava. If anything there's not really any reason to take a large ship out other than for the sheer fun of it and thats a shame.
There will always be solo traders whether they are in a large crew or in their own little crew, they will get the profit of their work either way. I bet you solo trading too at least sometimes?
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