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Posted by Verio at Jul 29, 2003 6:41:57 AM
Re: Arr! Personal Ships!
I actually like this idea alot...

As someone who has sailed since a very young age, and has even taught it for a few years, i would love to see some sort of smaller one or two man boats out there.

Anyone ever sailed a hobie 16 or 18? Something along these lines would be great, maybe costing 1-2k PoE.

My thoughts in terms of use would be this, these boats ive named are super fast, but to compensate, im hoping it could be made that one must sail rather well to keep them moving (which is true, sailing these boats isnt easy). And if you booch sailing... it capsizes! Meaning maybe your stuck for a period of time, 15-30 seconds whatever, wherein you could be attacked, melee only i would presume, before you right the boat and continue on your way. Also, to balance their speed, you could maybe also implement another real trait of these boats... they turn SLOW, so maybe each league point there is also a pause. These boats would have no cargo space, and either A) No way to empty bilge, unless you beach it, or B) bilge empties automatically but slowly.

I dunno, i think something along these lines is needed, at least to make it easier to move money between islands that dont have linked banks, or banks at all.

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