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Posted by OmegaZero at Jul 29, 2003 4:26:24 AM
Arr! Personal Ships!
This here be my idea mateys...

A n00bie needs his cash from the islands right, and it isnt always easy to get from island to island by navy or crew since there busy. I prupose single ships - ie a dingy or a canoe or a raft or something. It could hold a max of 2 people, can only melee fight, can only move around in one archipelego, but would be pretty friggin fast. Or better yet a sail boat. They would be cheap, like 1k per boat. 1 cannon ball would sink em too.
Maps would be held in a sling type thingy, like an arrow quill. Cheap, quick to build and move, and best off all you can carry your loot around from jobs on other islands as you wish :).
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