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Posted by Anonymous at Jul 29, 2003 4:19:29 AM
Re: Social Advancement - sans l'argent
The bio idea isn't, to me at least, a great idea. It hink on the most part it wouldn't be used, and could be filled by some type of visible item. If someone wants a detailed profile, you can always make a website for your crew.

One thought I was thinking of was having certain clothing become available when you have a certain experience rating (or maybe a certain consistency of standing, to take the idea away from the idea of the need to level) some item or clothing would unlock. Maybe allow a parrot to be worn on the shoulder for an expert navigator, or allow some other distinguishing mark for a great ability at a specific puzzle. An important restriction would be only one such distinguishing mark. Included in this should be items available to royalty, like a crown, so you couldn't have both a parrot and a crown.

Of course, there is still a need to have a personalized history available. But, in my opinion, there's no reason to clone features we have on the internet in the game. Which is just the reason I don't want ingame email and such.

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