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Posted by Thusnelda at Jul 29, 2003 4:07:35 AM
Re: Shop keeping troubles
I can make CLOTH just fine, but it's the dye that I don't have. I have gone all over the place to try and get some, bypassing the dye makers in my own archipelago, only to have perhaps the worst night I have ever had in PP last night trying to get red dye from Tinga to Turtle. I just want to bang my head against the wall. This should not be happening. The problem lies at the bottom of the food chain.

Maybe there's something that says that commodities are available in the archipelago. Maybe the markets (which I really don't see much use for) are used by some sort of peddler type, who brings all sorts of fun things like swords and potions and whatnot from other archipelagoes or something. I don't know. But last night had too many problems (being repeatedly insulted by noobs, being pillaged repeatedly and not being able to get tokens or hire swabbies, people logging on our ship without asking and raising our attack profile) and I NEVER want to have to get all the way from Tinga to Turtle with two PPs and a swabbie again. That's ridiculous.

I dunno... this isn't directly related to everything we're discussing here, but how about a "Close ship" option for a ranking officer so that even with a non-full complement of staffers the ship won't accept any other players? With the influx of newbies, I'd say it's pretty much necessary. Also, maybe an indicator displaying that you are a trading ship. Could very well wave a flag that says, "HEY! Pillage me!" but then again we all pretty much expect it. I suppose it could be very easily abused, but ye never know.
Madam, proud Looterata
Why are old people playing on this game i dont know its probly something to do with control but its kind of werd. Get a life or a girl friend or mabe even a wife but if your an adult that plays this game your a loser

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