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Posted by saynata at Jul 29, 2003 3:04:48 AM
Re: Am I missing something?
muffy wrote: 
Squidbeard wrote: 
Let me make sure I'm hearing everything right:
    Supplies are too scarce, and hardly worth collecting.
    Demand is so high that shoppekeepers can't keep up.[/list:u:8db3c11ddf]
    Now, I've only taken a couple semesters of Economics, but what little I've learned leads me to think that perhaps shoppekeepers would be well-advised to raise the prices they're willing to pay for materials, and raise the prices of the goods they sell.

I did that, before letting go of the Alpha tailor. I raised profits on selling cloth to me 500%, me own profit margins 300%, and doubled the amount of stock-on-hand (where I could). Didn't help at all. I just made a lot more money, and still sold out of cloth in between one time I logged in and the next. Meanwhile any colors got scarcer and scarcer.

^Ditto. I'm going to nudge up prices slightly, but I hate gouging people too much and I haven't met ANYONE who will actually go out and buy cloth to trade to me. I'm letting people know now that I'll pay a decent profit margin for cloth, as soon as I determine a 'standard'.

I believe that raising prices didn't/doesn't have any effect because there are so few things to spend money on for newer players (boats/rum/shot, clothes, swords) that people don't really mind paying that money for clothing, because it's really not all that expensive unless you kick the prices way up (300 for a bandana would be fun to try**).

In my opinion, there's very little diminishing marginal utility (think that's the fancy ec. term, I took a bumper course once) for clothes either, because not very many people can be satisfied with just one color or shirt. You could have several sets of clothing*. Little to no reason to stop buying.

**(...but I'd be undercut by my Alpha competition anyway).
*(I practically recycled any money that I'd win with Rifkind in her stores)
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