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Posted by Hanzii at Jul 29, 2003 3:00:29 AM
Re: Am I missing something?
Squidbeard wrote: 

Now, I've only taken a couple semesters of Economics, but what little I've learned leads me to think that perhaps shoppekeepers would be well-advised to raise the prices they're willing to pay for materials, and raise the prices of the goods they sell.

This is somewhat true. The prices for some of the rarer stuff has long been too low (nice players too wary of competing?).
But for the more common goods, that are rare because everyone needs them (nobody need a new sword or a red/black dress) like iron or sugar, this is what would happen:


Of course, this risks an inflationary spiral, where sugar costs so much that the price of rum goes up so much that it's not profitable to trade in sugar...

but a fix is on the way, lets see what it does.


P.S. I'm savin' up fer a sloop, so could ye hold off on raisin' prices 'til after I've bought it? Thank ye!

Better hurry, then!
Hanzii - shipbuilder (retired), Turtle

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