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Posted by Squidbeard at Jul 29, 2003 12:00:47 AM
Am I missing something?
Let me make sure I'm hearing everything right:
    Supplies are too scarce, and hardly worth collecting.
    Demand is so high that shoppekeepers can't keep up.[/list:u:0dfe514765]
    Now, I've only taken a couple semesters of Economics, but what little I've learned leads me to think that perhaps shoppekeepers would be well-advised to raise the prices they're willing to pay for materials, and raise the prices of the goods they sell.

    Kraken's blood is extraordinarily expensive, because it's extraordinarily rare. If wood, stone, hemp, brown cloth, etc. are relatively rare (which they seem to be right now), then they should be relatively expensive.

    Of course, this risks an inflationary spiral, where sugar costs so much that the price of rum goes up so much that it's not profitable to trade in sugar...

    Where's Alan Greenspanbeard when you need him?


    P.S. I'm savin' up fer a sloop, so could ye hold off on raisin' prices 'til after I've bought it? Thank ye!
    High Priest, Cult of the Red Mantis

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