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Posted by Hanzii at Jul 28, 2003 6:53:26 PM
Re: Shop keeping troubles
I have lots of supplies - because I only need three and they can be had at neighbouring islands. Even if the markets are empty, the trips aren't that long as to cost a lot.
... and I camp for iron all day long, and I suspect my other suppliers do it while I'm not online.
And now that a lot of traders know, that Cleaver and co. dumps vast amounts of goods in nearby markets, more people bring me stuff (and not the compettitors, because my prices are best).
So my shop is working great.

But the minutes people can pick the colours of their ship (which I suppose will demand dyes), I'll only be making brown ships for sure.

But the shoppe is only working because of
a) luck (closeness of supplies)
b) simplicity (only three types of supplies and only relying on one other shop... which can also be supplied from a neighbouring island)
c) camping,
d) dev intervention and finally
e) my caretaking/pricing.

In a working economy. This list should be different. a) and e) should switch places. c) and d) shouldn't be on the list at all.

[/agreeing with Silverbeard]

No one shoppe to rule them all
I agree with the devs, that no one shop should be able to fill all players needs alone, but I think the worker limits is the wrong way to accomplish this. At least the limits should be raised.
Scarcity of commodities and natuaral competition will do more towards this goal, than a worker limit. I don't mean commodities should be as scarce as now - but at the same time all shops shouldn't be able to have all commodities in stock at all time. Shopping around for that one shoppe with enough fine black cloth for a very expensive captains jacket should be part of the game (sailing yer money to a far off place to by it would make it mean more - after all expensive gear is the only visible sign of status in this game).
Some commodities should be so scarce as to encourage inter-archiplago competition for the needed commodities.

Worker limits
If you want to keep the limit, then raise it. And make it one character-one job (not accountwise as Silver suggests)
But I think you should chuck it for now. When supply-demand seem in some sort of balance without constant dev. intervention, you can begin finding out what the limit should be and putting it in again.

But the more common supplies should be more readily avaliable. Make it a long and dangerous travel to find 100 units of Yarrow or 250 iron - not a short, boring and oft repeated trip to find 5.
Make the chances of foraging the really valuable stuff a a factor based on distance travelled and dangers faced (how many red routes etc.).
Make the chances of pillaging rare stuff increase with the odds of winning a fight - if ye beat a red target you're almost sure to get Kraken's Blood or something like it.

And foraging is booched. The old way was exploited, but the fix made foraging a useless feature.

And the building of shops in Emerald is causing items to disappear from the markets all the time. Take markets away from players and make them auto harvest and sell.

Disappearing? Why? Explain what's causing this.

But I do think markets should be under governor control.
It would be stupid to race to colonize an island like Guava with the commodities to make building quick (wood and stone) only to see it being sold to your compettitors, because the market was beyond your control.
Hanzii - shipbuilder (retired), Turtle

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