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Posted by phantoml at Sep 26, 2006 10:37:56 AM
Re: Lost at Sea - Puzzles
Diary entry two: Answers accepted 26th september - 2nd October 2006.

Dear diary,
Chaosdragon must have headed home by now, surely. Alone, he can do very little, but i've no doubt he'll pull some stunt to try and find me. Never again will I sail with that idiot; he couldn't run a ship if he had both hands tied to the steering wheel, and a hold full o' rum and shot!

Every time I see a ship sail near the island, I think it might be him, come to finish me off. Deliberate, I'm sure it was. No one can "accidentally" push there closest hearty of the helm of a ship!

Retreat may seem simplest in my current situation, but I cannot let Chaosdragon catch me, at any cost!!
Undeterred, I have commandeered a vessel, and plan to sail onwards to distant shores!!
Everyone, station up!!

- Chaosdragon

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