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Posted by saynata at Jul 28, 2003 2:27:14 PM
Re: Social Advancement - sans l'argent
Classes that allow for advantages on duty puzzles seems like taking it a bit too far and allowing for mediocrity to be good enough. If you like doing a puzzle, you'll have increds/excellents/goods no matter what you do, especially with a good amount of practice and any nudge will just be padding.

However, I would enjoy a taste of RP now and again. To state the obvious, I don't think that you could get too strict with it, since there's no way to monitor whether people are talking about the finer points of mending sails or the finer flavors of ice cream (ARR!), but if more people were inclined to RP, fun could be had. Quests would be great as a 'thing to do,' but I'm not sure of how it would do as a bolster for RP unless you had to RP to complete the quest, and I guess that could be coded (Don't see that going to high on 'The List', though).
-RP strict crews would be plausable, I think, but again, not necessary with effort.

-For Example: Roxy carps, she's blood-thirsty, short-tempered, haughty, a bit of a coquette, and she has a big mouth. Everyone in ARR! knows it. She and Soma will go and attack the brigs that Rifkind and Frederico are a little more cautious about. It's a flaky and thin background, for sure, but it works for playing a character, and I don't need to make any changes in-game to create it. I can tease Frederico for being a wimpy trader, even if he's better than I am, and be 'blind' enough to challenge bigger foes, even if I'm bound to lose. You can make yourself any kind of RP background that you want, and if you repeat it to enough people, you can even have a reputation-all it takes is effort.

Fron, are you going to answer to those titles even if they're not appointed to you?
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