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Posted by Cryptic at Jul 28, 2003 11:20:21 AM
Social Advancement - sans l'argent
Apart from the general good and sound advice that one should just enjoy oneself while playing YPP, the only real statistical progression in game which really marks standing is gold.

"Bah!" I say, "Bah! And extra humbugs to go with it!"

Of course an egalitarian and communistic social environment belongs in some la-la land of fluffy pink clouds and not in the realm of semi-brutal pirates who don't always remember to hold doors open for each other.

Now this might meet with some great opposition BUT I do propose some more social and other types of ROLE playing. "Oh! How original!" ;)

Level grinding is of course a big no-no! Definitely not something that I am proposing. YPP does just fine with out any sort of level system.

Here are some other suggestions though for some good RP features which YPP could somehow borrow or adapt. Why do I always love going around and doing any new quests added to an MMORPG even if they are meant for lvl 1 noob chars? Quests are one way to introduce story and vitality in to a world.

A life long grudge against a random NPP? A mission to find a certain color dye for your governor's next ceremonial hat? Anything and everything can be made in to a quest. These quests could also prove as ammo for any story-telling game such as has been discussed.

Beyond that... dare I say it? Classes! Alright, so perhaps everyone should be allowed to sail when they want to or pump bilge when they want to or even swim with the sharks when they want to...

Go ahead let them! BUT... what if being a member of certain class gave you advantages in certain puzzles? Simple things like this help people to develop an identity and background for their characters.

More to come after I get a popsicle and wash up; I was digging in the garden earlier and I just happened to have to swing by the boards when I got in. ;)


You know how it is! :P

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