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Posted by Devonin at Sep 22, 2006 10:01:23 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
While there will be no official word confirming nor denying the causes of any trophies, I'd just like to say, mates...a lot of things on this list are looking dangerously familiar.

There's a very long list of these that we have under lock and key, and will be trickling out. (And a not completely inconsequential list of them that are already out there, but nobody on ice has won yet)

Keep your eyes peeled; there's some exciting stuff coming.

100% absolutely keep implementing trophies without telling -anyone- what you have to do to get them, or even that there are new ones, and make them be for obscure things as well as obvious accomplishments.

The best trophy system I've ever seen comes from The kingdom of Loathing. and saw the implementation of a great deal of trophies for great feats and accomplishments, but also for off-the-wall frivolous things that people could have ( and have) gone -years- without anyone ever finding. (by last count, out of about 45 trophies, some 3 or 4 have never been earned by anyone)

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