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Posted by bronzebeard at Sep 22, 2006 1:36:07 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
BehindCurtai wrote: 
Alright, what would "Inconceivable" trophies require?

Bilge: Two vegas in one league? (Problem -- back and forth for an hour until you get it)

Guns: Load 4 per battle round for 4 rounds in a row? (Hope your navver keeps firing)

Sails: Vegas^8 while still sparkly?

DNav and carp I have no idea.

The gunnery one is arbitrary if ye get a good board. Carpentry - perhaps get a nice set and a grain bonus on the same board when yer above masterpiece 10. And fer Duty Nav, whilst not inconceivable by any means, it'd be nice to get a trophy to say ye'd memmed the whole ocean.

When I was makin' up my list, I was tryin' to think things up fer cards, as much as I despise them. Was considerin' puttin' gettin' a royal flush as part o' the trophy criteria. Then I decided rewardin' randomness seems daft. Fer the same reason I don't like the gold one.

Also, I very much like Kharnor's idea of record breakin' trophies.

Edits: just woke up...

Note: A gold ore finding trophy has been implemented. - Faulkston
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